Professor Meiying Xu

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                                                                                                                                      Meiying Xu, PhD, Professor, PhD advisor

 Dr. Xu is currently the deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Applied Microbiology Southern China, deputy director and member of the Academic Committee of the Institute of Microbiology of Guangdong Academy of Sciences. 

She is also serving as the vice chairman of the Guangdong Genetic Association, member of the National Science and Technology Leaders Alliance Council, member of the National Technical Committee on Bio-specimen of Standardization Administration of China, member of the Subcommittee 1 on Chemicals Toxicity Inspection of National Technical Committee 251 on Dangerous Chemicals Management of Standardization Administration of China, member of the Subcommittee of the Environmental Microbiology of the Chinese Society for Microbiology, Expert of the Advisory Committee of the Environmental Protection Department of Guangdong Province. 

Dr. Xu has been committed to environmental microbiology research for a long time with many innovative scientific outcomes in the theory and technology of bioremediation. She undertaken more than 40 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects such as the "973", "863" programs, and funds of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. She established the research framework for studying the response of microbial ecological network, and discovered a variety of novel metabolic pathways and electron-transfer mechanisms of the electroactive microorganisms. Dr. Xu’s lab employs synthetic biology techniques to construct a number of high-efficiency degradation functional microbiomes and invented a number of microbial enhanced degradation technologies for toxic organic pollutants.

Yet, Dr. Xu has about 200 publications (130 on SCI indexed journals), listed as the first or corresponding author on more than 90, including journals such as Nat Commun, ISME J, Environ Sci Technol. She is also the patent holder of 56 national inventions of China and 1 US patent, with another 34 pending patents. As the main technical person in charge, she has completed a number of microbial wastewater treatment projects, and won the first prize (2018) and second prize (2014) of the Guangdong Science and Technology Award (The first contributor).

Representative publications (selected from 230 papers) 

(* Corresponding author)

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Liu F., Du J., Song D., Xu M. Y.* and Guoping Sun,A sensitive fluorescent sensor for the detection of endogenous hydroxyl radicals in living cells and bacteria and direct imaging with respect to its ecotoxicity in living zebra fish, Chemical Communications, 2016, 52: 4636. 

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