Brief Introduction

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There is a long tradition of mushroom cultivation research in GIM. This legacy continues in the Edible Fungi Research and Development Center. Up to now, our program covered various aspects of mushroom research hotspot such as valuable mushroom excavation from nature, mushroom compounds bioactive-function-molecular-structure association, and their physical mechanism, wild mushroom domestic cultivation, mushroom industrial cultivation with low-carbon techniques and mushroom deep processing techniques. A wild mushroom germplasm resources unit, which is high-impact in southeast China, was set up in our center. A group of young and impassioned scientists research extensively in mushroom immune-modulators, antineoplastic effects, hypoglycemic activity, hypouricemic effects, anti-aging activity, Alzheimer's disease prevention, and intestinal bacterial ecosystems regulation. The research findings have been published in journals concerning oncology, cardiology, omics-based mycology, gut-brain axis regulation, AI plus assisted microbial drug screening et al. A renowned professor was also introduced as the guest professor through the Talents Introducing Program of Guangdong Province. Our work wined various awards such as national technology prizes, Guangdong province technology prizes, and patens invention prizes et al. For the national mushroom industry development, we are on the way! Visiting and cooperation are warmly welcome!